Opportunities for HGV Jobs

As I mentioned in my blog last week we as an industry are experiencing a ‘slow burn market place’ and another mitigating factor that is going to creep up on us in the industry is the fact that the HGV drivers who have served as the backbone of our industry are beginning to retire. That being the case isn’t it about time that the Government stepped in and tried to create affordable training schemes for the young drivers who want to enter the industry?

Fees for a truck licence are £3,000 which makes potential new drivers at a financial disadvantage immediately, most I would suggest could not find the funds without some form of apprenticeship scheme funded by the industry and supported by the Government. Recruiting new blood to plug the gap which is projected to be around 45,000 – 55,000 drivers for the UK should be a priority if the UK isn’t to be inundated by foreign drivers.

An easy option to get round the thorny issue of finance is to create a ‘HGV Driver Loan’ this would mirror ‘Student Loans’ allowing the candidate to take the driving course against a loan which could be paid back over a period of time based on the drivers salary, using the exactly the same process as the established Student Loans. This would, if marketed correctly, create enough of a buzz to encourage new drivers into the industry filling a critical gap in the labour force and creating new jobs across the country evenly split between North and South.

If you have any comments regarding this topic I would love to hear from you.