Is Cash Flow a reason to not upgrade your used truck?

Well as the title suggests cash flow is the bane of all businesses large and small alike especially in the unpredictable world we find ourselves in. However, I would argue that not ensuring that the ‘work horse’ you rely on isn’t upgraded on a regular basis is short sighted. Well all know that waking up in the morning contracted to take a load to the docks and the truck won’t start is bad enough, getting half way up the motorway and your airline blocks you’re in a pile of trouble.

The winter is nearly upon us and according to the ‘powers that be’ 2015 is going to be the hardest winter we have seen for many years. Arctic conditions, including heavy snow, ice, fog and sleet and to be common place which will make the engine management systems grown with unforeseen problems. The cost of repairing an ailing truck is a false economy, like most things; once one thing goes it will be followed by another.

Investing in a used commercial vehicle that has a real pedigree FTA inspected, coming off a long term contract with a proven maintenance record is the only way forward. At Global Commercials we are in the enviable position of having access to trucks direct from Paccar DAF ensuring that you, the customer has the security of getting a quality truck. Along with that we can offer real value by being realistically priced ensuring you are getting a good deal. If Finance is an issue we can put you in touch with superb Finance Houses who specialise in getting you the finance you need to keep your company on the road. Each case is assessed individually ensuring our customers are given a realistic chance of getting the cash they need.

Global Commercials Exports Ltd are here to help you, find a truck and finance that truck if required to keep your cash flow flowing! 

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